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VASCULR 3 Month Box Programming Workout Plan

VASCULR 3 Month Box Programming Workout Plan

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It's finally here! The VASCULR box programming workout plan. You'll receive 3 months worth of workout plans focusing on improving your CrossFit performance. This involves training around strength and skill movements with additional work on particular muscle groups with a hypertrophy plan and a metcon in order to condition your body to WODs. 

Who is this for?
If you simply want to improve your fitness, CrossFit performance or simply need a new workout plan to follow, then this 3 month programming from VASCULR is definitely for you!

How to get your plan?
Once you have purchased the plan we will send you a digital download to your email. So it's extremely important that you enter the correct email address in order to receive your purchase.

What's included?

  • 12 weeks of programming to improve your CrossFit performance 
  • Our top 100 WODs that you can use whenever you need a METCON

Still not sure?
You can download a FREE training week sample from our store to see if you enjoy the programming before commencing a 12 week plan.


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